Worn and Deteriorated Tooth Rehabilitation

 (Full Mouth Reconstruction/Rehabilitation; Increased Occlusal Vertical Dimension; Ceramo-metal Crowns; Implant Crowns; Implant Bridges (Fixed Partial Dentures))

Before: History of significant dental treatment. Generalized worn, broken down restorations. Localized disease. Several failed teeth requiring removal.

Full mouth rehabilitation, partial dentures, implant bridges

Fixed Dentures, Implant Bridges, Ceramic Crowns

Worn and Deteriorated Teeth Rehabilitation

After: Complete upper and lower rehabilitation, with teeth and multiple dental implants supporting individual full coverage crowns and implant supported bridges. A complete transformation; improving both function and aesthetics.

Ceramic Crowns, Implant Crowns, Implant Dentures

Deteriorated Teeth Rehabilitation Denver, Colorado

Partial Dentures, Fixed Dentures, Ceramic Crowns