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Aesthetic Dentist Denver

Aesthetic Dentist Denver

Since 1999, Dr. Aldo Leopardi has been providing Denver patients with healthier, more attractive smiles. Chronic pain, the inability to chew food, gaps in their teeth: whether the nature of the concern is restorative or aesthetic dental, Denver patients will find a resolution to their problems.

Clients of Dr. Leopardi recognize the expertise that he offers. We invite you to learn more about his career below.


If patients are considering treatment in Denver to address aesthetic dental concerns, they should understand the distinction between prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Prosthodontics is a category of specialization acknowledged by the American Dental Association (ADA.) A prosthodontist’s work is primarily the rehabilitation and maintenance of “oral function, comfort, appearance, and health.”  To receive recognition as a prosthodontist—as Dr. Leopardi has—a dentist must commit to an additional two- to three- years of training at an ADA-accredited institution.

“Cosmetic dentistry” is a term that is not associated with the prosthodontics dental specialty. Any dentist, even one with limited training, may describe himself or herself as a cosmetic dentist and offer procedures that are aesthetic dental.

Denver patients choose Dr. Leopardi because he has the training to provide effective results. He stays up-to-date in the most advanced prosthodontic techniques, and he understands the nuances that make the difference between “getting the job done” and “doing the job right.”


Patients should be able to count on the results that their medical practitioner provides. The people who rely on Dr. Leopardi do so with confidence because his specialty is solving their unique set of problems.

Since Dr. Leopardi specializes in aesthetic dental surgery, his Denver patients receive efficient, effective care with concerns such as damaged, discolored, and missing teeth. He communicates a clear diagnosis, plans the client’s case, executes procedures in a timely manner, and achieves predictable outcomes on their behalf.

Thanks to Dr. Leopardi’s focus on aesthetic dental techniques, patients can expect results that look natural and attractive. The shape and placement of cosmetic dentistry significantly impacts a patient’s appearance. When it is done properly, patients benefit from a seamless improvement and a great smile.


In addition to Dr. Leopardi’s advanced training, he is a recognized leader in the field of prosthodontics. He has taught on the subjects of fixed, removable, and implant dentistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and at the University of Detroit Mercy, as well as serving as a leader for teaching programs at UDM.

Along with his commitment to the needs of Denver patients, Dr. Leopardi speaks regularly throughout the United States on aesthetic dental issues. He helps advance the field through clinical research, speaking engagements and with his involvement in the Denver Implant Study Club, of which is the founder and current President.

Choose Experience

Through his combination of training, focus, and leadership, Dr. Aldo Leopardi serves as an expert resource for those in need of cosmetic dentistry. Denver area residents are encouraged to get in touch with his office, located close to Castle Rock, Cherry Creek, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Castle Pines, by calling (720) 488-7677.