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Maryland Bridge Therapy

A resin-bonded bridge (also called a Maryland Bridge) is also a non-implant option. It is most often used in the restoration of the front teeth.

This fixed partial denture utilizes metal wings bonded to the lingual surface of the tooth. The pontic, or false tooth, is attached to the wings on each side, which are used to attach to an adjacent healthy tooth. The advantage of the Maryland Bridge is that it doesn’t involve the grinding down of adjacent healthy teeth. It is also:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Proven effective with more than 20 years of clinical success
  • Less costly than implants
  • Better functioning and better looking than removable dentures

While not as strong as a fixed denture or dental implants, it is a fixed dental solution that achieves satisfactory aesthetics and increased function.

The Maryland Bridge is one of several reconstructive dentistry options offered by DenteVita Prosthodontics and the Practice of Dr. Aldo Leopardi. If you are considering implant surgery or the Maryland Bridge procedure in Greenwood Village or Denver, Colorado, please give us a call today at 720-488-7677 to set up an appointment.


Before and After Case Studies for Bridges