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Botox Treatments

Along with prosthodontics, implant and cosmetic dentistry, DenteVita Prosthodontics and the Practice of Dr. Aldo Leopardi offer Botox treatments as an additional cosmetic procedure. Botox is a very useful tool to complete the aesthetics involved in reconstructing and enhancing your smile, giving you a look that will restore your confidence.

While dermatologists and plastic surgeons were the first to use Botox treatments, its use has a definite place alongside specialized dental practices. Cosmetic and implant dentists do more procedures in the facial area than all other physicians combined. Dental specialists and Prosthodontists understand the physiology, skeletal structure, vascular and nervous systems of your face as well as overall facial aesthetics. Your smile begins with your teeth, and it can also be enhanced with the use of Botox for your forehead, eyelids, and crow’s feet.

Dr. Leopardi has received extensive training in the use Botox treatments to add the finishing touch to the cosmetic dental work he has performed. It’s a very low risk and highly rewarding procedure that is done in our office.

We want you to be completely comfortable with your new look. If the elimination of wrinkles or age lines will add to your self-assurance, Botox may be the perfect answer. We welcome your questions and the opportunity to show you just how effective this process can be. Call us at 720-488-7677 today to schedule a consultation.


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