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Complete Dental Implant Overdentures

A dental implant overdenture is a solution for missing upper or lower teeth. It’s a unique procedure that combines the support of implants with a denture that is removable for cleaning. Unlike permanent implant teeth, an overdenture “clips” into a custom-made bar that attaches to implants. This makes them stable as well as easily removable for cleaning.  Glues and adhesives are no longer necessary.

An overdenture helps eliminate the embarrassment of slipping dentures and not being able to eat many of the foods you love.  Your new teeth are supported by the implants which will stimulate the jaw and maintain the bone around them.

Overdenture Benefits:

  • Ends the inconvenience of denture adhesive use
  • Possibility of using a modified version of your existing denture
  • Often requires fewer implants vs. fixed
  • Increase in comfort and stability with less gum tissue irritation
  • Restores ability to chew and expands what you can eat

If you are frustrated with the discomfort of your current removable denture and the potential embarrassment a loose denture can cause, please call our office at 720-488-7677 to schedule a consultation appointment with Denver Prosthodontist Dr. Aldo Leopardi of DenteVita Prosthodontics. We’ll review your case and your options to improve your quality of life.

Whether you are interested in dental implants or removable dentures in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Leopardi is the best Prosthodontist for the job. He has many years of experience and has been recognized multiple times as the top prosthodontist in the Denver area. Dr. Leopardi specializes in cosmetic dentistry allowing his patients to have a beautiful smile.

Before and After Case Studies for Dental Implant: