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Patients can improve their smile and their oral health with dental tooth implants. Denver oral surgeons use the procedure to restore damaged or missing teeth with natural-looking, strengthened replacements. The procedure gives patients a lasting alternative to other methods, such as dental bridges or removable dentures.

There are many options for patients considering dental tooth implants. Denver general dentists and oral surgeons often promote the procedure as one of the many services they offer. The question becomes, “How do I know I’m choosing the right provider?”

Because of the surgical nature of tooth implants, Denver patients should look for the best quality practitioner possible. The professional they choose should have extensive experience in tooth implants, be well-trained in the latest techniques, and offer a strategic approach to the procedure. All of these are reasons that patients choose to work with a prosthodontist.

What is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists are specialists in the field of dental prosthetics as recognized by the American Dental Association. Their focus is diagnosing, planning, treating, and maintaining oral health, function, and appearance. Typically, they work with patients who have missing or damaged teeth or who are dealing with related issues.

A dentist becomes a prosthodontist only after attending an additional three to four years of training following dental school. They work in university and research settings to become skilled in the surgical and technical aspects of dental prosthetics such as dental tooth implants.

Denver Patients and Prosthodontists

Patients will often receive a referral to a prosthodontist to discuss their dental issues. The prosthodontist plays the role of architect, identifying the best way to set the implant and design the tooth crown. His goals are to provide strength, healthy results, and an attractive, lasting smile.

As experts in dental implants, many Denver prosthodontists conduct surgical procedures themselves. Some will work in partnership with an oral surgery team, planning the implant and guiding the work of other dentists.

Because prosthodontists are specialists in procedures such as tooth implants, Denver patients should expect that the financing for their surgery may differ from that of a typical dental procedure. Some prosthodontists do not work at the insurance level, which can offer benefits and drawbacks. The big issue is that the expense of dental tooth implants in Denver may be somewhat higher than working with a regular dentist. However, prosthodontists who are not restricted by insurers in their pricing may be able to offer a higher quality experience.

Why? In conducting their tooth implants, prosthodontists will choose the best materials, laboratories, and technology. They will also take the time and care necessary to provide the most effective results since they are not fighting the clock to eke out a profit.

Work with Dr. Aldo Leopardi

Dr. Aldo Leopardi is an accomplished specialist in the field of prosthodontics. He works with patients and provides them with high-quality care with their dental tooth implants. Denver patients are invited to learn more about his work and to schedule an appointment by calling (720) 488-7677.