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Consider Your Prosthodontist a Member of Your Healthcare Team

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Prosthodontists are often thought of as providers of luxury services but, in reality, they are an important part of your healthcare team. Even though they provide dental care, they help improve your overall health and should be considered an essential part of your healthcare team.

Poor Oral Health Can Lead to Serious Health Problems

Everyone knows that poor oral health can lead to gum infections and cavities. Unfortunately, people do not realize that poor oral health can also cause health problems that are serious and sometimes fatal.

The following is a look at some of the serious health problems researchers have linked to poor oral health.

Complications with Diabetes

Diabetics must learn how to control their blood sugar in order to live a happier, healthier life. Unfortunately, if you have a tooth infection or gum disease, controlling your blood sugar may be difficult.

Recent research shows that gum disease, inflamed gums, and tooth infections often directly impacted a person’s blood sugar. Diabetics with these dental problems often reported it was difficult to control their blood sugar, which resulted in a worsening of symptoms such as vision problems, extreme fatigue, dehydration, and increased urination.

Potential for Respiratory Infections

Research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests having a tooth infection could result in an upper respiratory infection or even pneumonia. It is believed that the bacteria present in the mouth when an individual has a tooth infection could end up in the lung. Essentially, the person is inhaling the bacteria and it spreads to the lungs.

Upper respiratory infections as a result of tooth infections are rare, but they can and do happen, especially to individuals who already have pre-existing conditions.

Cardiovascular Disease

The most common health problem associated with poor oral health is cardiovascular disease. Everything from heart attacks to strokes has been linked to poor oral health.

It is believed that bacteria that causes tooth infections and inflamed gums eventually ends up in the bloodstream. When this happens, people are at a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.

How a Prosthodontist Works as Part of Your Healthcare Team

A prosthodontist does not treat the health problems that occur as a result of poor oral health. That is the responsibility of your primary care provider or healthcare specialist. However, a prosthodontist can work to reduce your chances of experiencing any of these health problems.

The most important thing a prosthodontist can do as part of your healthcare team is to conduct a routine oral exam every six months. This will allow the prosthodontist to spot any dental problem, such as inflamed gums or tooth infections, before they become problematic. Spotting these problems early will allow people to seek timely treatment, and may have prevent a number of health problems.

Don’t let dental problems impact your overall health. Schedule an appointment for a routine exam with a local prosthodontist to get any dental problems treated as soon as possible

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