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Considering a Tooth Implant?

There are a lot of reasons you might be thinking about getting tooth implants. Greenwood Village dentists often recommend the procedure because it offers…

A long-term solution. The American Dental Association states that 95% of tooth implants last for 20 or more years. This is a significant increase over the 10-year average you’ll get with a fixed implant, such as a dental bridge.

Greater convenience. With a tooth implant Denver patients can fix an incomplete smile with a strong replacement that works like their existing teeth. If you’ve had to give up foods you enjoy because they are too tough to chew, dental implants may help.

Health benefits. If you have a missing tooth, the surrounding bone may begin to erode in a process called bone resorption. This can call even more attention to the area. With tooth implants, dentists restore the missing tooth with a solution that promotes bone regrowth.

Cosmetic improvements. Tooth implants complete your smile with a natural-looking new tooth. Patients often report greater confidence in social and professional settings following the procedure.

All of these factors may be reasons that you are exploring a tooth implant. The next step: choosing a provider for your procedure. We encourage you to learn more about the work of Dr. Aldo Leopardi, an experienced and knowledgeable prosthodontist.

About Dr. Aldo Leopardi

Implant dentistry is a major undertaking that you should entrust to a skilled professional. As a specialist in the field of prosthetic dentistry— Dr. Leopardi is a trusted provider of procedures such as tooth implants. Patients go to him both based on referrals from their own dentists and because of his professional reputation.

As a specialist, Dr. Leopardi has extensive experience in the dental implant procedure. He is a strategist and a surgeon; other dentists often approach Dr. Leopardi to serve as the architect of a procedure that they are conducting. He will design the implant and outline how it should be set within the patient’s mouth, and then oversee as an oral surgeon lays the foundation and anchors the crown. In other cases, Dr. Leopardi handles the entire procedure, placing the implant and crown and caring directly for the patient.

Patients like you trust Dr. Leopardi because of his supportive approach and his expertise with tooth implants. He trains dentists in the latest techniques in prosthodontics; lectures on dental topics throughout the United States and abroad; and serves as a key opinion leader in the oral surgery community. He is regularly featured as the main podium speaker at major dental conferences because of his work in the latest tooth implant techniques.

If you live in Greenwood Village or Denver and would like to learn more about Dr. Leopardi, schedule an appointment by calling (720) 488-7677.

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