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Cosmetic Dental Surgery: Patients Rely on Dr. Aldo Leopardi, Denver Prosthodontist

Cosmetic Dental Surgery Denver

Dental patients make an appointment with a professional for a variety of reasons. Some have problems with the way that their mouth and teeth work. Others are concerned about their appearance or their smile. Through cosmetic dental surgery, Denver residents can address these types of problems with effective, long-lasting solutions.

Dr. Aldo Leopardi has been serving Colorado clients for over a decade, supporting patients with a variety of needs…


Whether it’s due to trauma, disease, or unfair genetics, many people have an imperfect smile. They may have gaps from missing teeth, discoloration and spotting, or uneven, chipped teeth.

Thanks to Dr. Leopardi’s work in cosmetic dental surgery, Denver patients can finally share a confident, beautiful smile. As a professional specializing in aesthetic dentistry, he guides patients through treatment options and helps them weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each approach. Then, he skillfully implements the techniques that he believes will give patients the best results.

Dr. Leopardi has earned multiple degrees in dentistry, including a specialization in prosthodontics (the only category of cosmetic dentistry recognized by the American Dental Association.) He is also a renowned speaker and educator on the subject of cosmetic dental surgery. As a result, Denver patients benefit from a level of expertise that goes beyond that of a general practitioner.


While restorative dentistry overlaps with cosmetic dental surgery in many ways, Denver patients will recognize some key differences.

Dr. Leopardi’s work in restorative dentistry focuses on fixing existing teeth that have broken down in some way. This may be due to trauma, bruxism, or some other stress. Restoring these teeth can have a cosmetic impact, especially if the teeth are located closer to the front of the mouth where they will be seen more often.

However, the major benefits to restoration are less focused on aesthetics and more on comfort and health. Thanks to Dr. Leopardi’s restorative techniques:

  • Patients can chew food more easily.
  • Chronic pain due to damaged teeth can be alleviated.
  • Future damage to teeth can be prevented.

Examples of restorative services include tooth-colored fillings, bonding, porcelain laminate veneers, and full coverage, custom crowns.


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots and crowns that fill the gaps of missing teeth. They can vastly improve a patient’s smile and help him or her regain the ability to grind food properly. As a result, implant surgery is related to both cosmetic surgery and restorative procedures.

Dr. Leopardi designs the dental implant treatment to fit with the patient’s existing teeth, and he works with a team of specialists to ensure a quality treatment outcome. The new tooth root helps prevent bone resorption (bone melting away) and the deterioration of the jawbone, and the natural-looking, long-lasting implant crowns/teeth can completely transform a patient’s appearance and enhance function.

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Whatever the need—implant-related, restorative, or aesthetic dental—patients can rely on Dr. Leopardi as an experienced, highly-trained physician. Learn more about his work or schedule an appointment today by calling (720) 488-7677. Located only minutes from to Castle Rock, Cherry Creek, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Castle Pines.

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