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Dr. Aldo Leopardi – Cosmetic Dentist

As a cosmetic dentist, Greenwood Village’s Dr. Aldo Leopardi is a true specialist who draws on his diverse talents to create aesthetically stunning smiles. Unlike a general dentist, who is chiefly concerned with your oral health, a cosmetic dentist faces aesthetic challenges as well as dental/periodontal health issues. Cosmetic dentists perform their work in a way that melds artistry and science to craft a beautiful smile.

As a patient, choosing the right cosmetic dentist is as critical and personal as commissioning the right painter or sculptor for a work of art. After all, that’s what your smile is—a work of art that’s showcased a hundred times a day. That’s why it’s important to focus on three key aspects when comparing cosmetic dentists: training, experience and above all, results.


Training for Cosmetic Dentists

The skills and techniques that a cosmetic dentist must master in order to consistently create pristine smiles differ widely from what a general dentist does on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Leopardi has multiple advanced degrees in dentistry and prosthodontics. He holds a BDS, DDS and MS and has served a number of faculty positions teaching prosthodontics in universities.


Choosing an Experienced Cosmetic Dentist

Greenwood Village has been home to Dr. Leopardi’s dedicated cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontic practice since 1999, but his career and study in cosmetic dentistry spans much further than that. But what’s particularly notable in these past decades, Dr. Leopardi primary focus has been cosmetic dentistry. Unlike general dentists who occasionally offer a few cosmetic procedures, Dr. Leopardi is engaged in cutting edge aesthetic techniques on a daily basis.


Cosmetic Results

Even the most impressive résumé only says so much about a dentist. The real proof is in the pictures. Dr. Leopardi has an extensive before and after photo gallery that shows real results for real patients. Bottom-line: if you like what you see in the pictures, you’ll love what you see in the mirror.

We invite you to speak one-on-one with an experienced cosmetic dentist. Patients can call us at (720) 488-7677 or stop by to schedule a consultation with Dr. Leopardi.