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What to Expect from a Denver Prosthodontist

Your smile is the way you introduce yourself to the world. Make the right impression by addressing aesthetic concerns with the help of a Prosthodontist.

Patients have relied on Dr. Aldo Leopardi for over a decade to provide reliable, effective treatment for issues such as missing or damaged teeth, discoloration, and tooth gaps. As a Denver Prosthodontist, Dr. Leopardi has the training and expertise to resolve concerns quickly and with beautiful results.

Among the services that Dr. Leopardi provides are teeth whitening, bonding, and porcelain veneers. Patients who want to address missing teeth may also want to consider one of Dr. Leopardi’s most common procedures: dental implants.


The Dental Implant Process

Dental implants are a method of replacing a missing tooth with a crown and root that act, look, and feel like a natural tooth. By working with a cosmetic dentist, Littleton patients can fix one or more gaps in their smile at once.

Implants last longer than many other options, such as tooth-supported replacements, and they give patients the ability to chew food and maintain jaw integrity. They also have fewer drawbacks than other tooth replacement measures, such as dental bridges or dentures, since implants do not wear on adjacent teeth or require regular maintenance.

When patients first meet with Dr. Leopardi, they are asked to explain the issues they are having. Dr. Leopardi listens to their concerns and expectations, then provides a diagnosis and plans a treatment case.

Once patients approve his recommendations, Dr. Leopardi’s Prosthodontist office will schedule the procedure and provide pre-surgery information to make clients comfortable and confident with the road ahead.


The Work of a Prosthodontist

Patients may best understand Dr. Leopardi’s role in their surgery as the architect of their treatment. Thanks to his years of advanced schooling and practice, he understands the details that make artificial fixtures appear natural and attractive.

Before a patient’s dental implant surgery, he designs the crown that will be visible above the gum line in such a way that it will appear similar in position and in color to the natural teeth. Then, he works with a team of experts to lay the foundation for the crown: an artificial root that will support a new tooth in the area of the gap. After the bone has had time to rebuild around the new root, Dr. Leopardi inspects the implant, ensures that it is integrated well within the patient’s mouth, and attaches the new crown/tooth.

A full recovery from dental implant surgery allows patients to chew, clean, and smile with a mouth full of teeth that are all their own. The procedure gives people who have lived uncomfortably with gaps in their teeth a long-term solution.

If you live in Denver, Aurora, Littleton, Castle Rock, Cherry Creek or Highlands Ranch and are interested in working with a Prosthodontist, you are encouraged to call Dr. Leopardi’s office at (720) 488-7677.