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Where to Go for Cosmetic Dentistry: A Denver Prosthodontist or a Dental Implant Center?

Denver, like many metropolitan areas in the U.S., has seen a boom in consumer awareness of dental implants. Dental implants are now widely and rightfully recognized as one of the best treatments for missing teeth. Unfortunately, some are seeking to cash in on this trend through the “dental implant center.” Denver is now home to a number of these so-called dental implant centers or dental implant supercenters, which offer fast, convenient and cheap dental implants marketed under a national brand name. But the conveniences touted by dental implant centers too often comes at the expense of results.

Currently, there are few regulations governing the expertise and training required to practice in a dental implant center. Denver general dentists can complete a weekend course on the procedure and begin taking dental implant patients the following Monday. While this may seem egregious, it isn’t, in the eyes of the law. After all, a dental implant center is safe for patients. But there’s another key factor that’s outside the purview of regulatory authorities: aesthetic results.

Bottom-line: creating a natural-looking, attractive smile is an art form. It requires artistic vision, plus expertise with the tools required to bring that vision into reality. Craft and science are involved, just like with a luxury watch, an engagement ring or sculpture. You wouldn’t go to Wal-Mart for any of those. So, why would you entrust your smile – the most expressive, most distinctive aspect of your appearance and an integral part of your personality – to anyone but a highly trained, experienced specialist?

Before visiting a dental implant center, Denver patients may find it enlightening to schedule a private, one-on-one consultation with a prosthodontist like Dr. Aldo Leopardi. As a Denver Prosthodontist, Dr. Leopardi is an American Dental Association (ADA) recognized specialist in the restoration of missing teeth in a way that improves aesthetics, function and the overall health of your teeth. Prosthodontists go through two to three years of accredited training and must consistently meet ongoing education requirements to ensure that they are delivering the absolute best care available.

Since 1999, Dr. Leopardi has created beautiful smiles for hundreds of patients in Denver, many of which have documented their satisfaction with before and after photos, testimonials and case studies. With Dr. Leopardi, the focus is on outstanding results—not overwhelming volume.

Make the right choice for your smile. Before you visit a dental implant center, call Dr. Aldo Leopardi, Denver Prosthodontist, for a consultation at (720) 488-7677.