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Before You Visit a Dental Implant Center

Greenwood Village and the surrounding areas have seen an influx of so-called dental implant supercenters. These are convenient, one-stop shop cosmetic dentistry practices that specialize in dental implants—usually done quick and cheap. While dental implants are on the forefront of advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures, there’s much more to a healthy, attractive smile than what you’ll find on offer at your local dental implant center.

Greenwood Village cosmetic dentist and prosthodontist Dr. Aldo Leopardi wants to speak with you before you entrust your teeth to a dental implant center. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Leopardi is an ADA-recognized specialist in the restoration of deficient or missing teeth through the use of biocompatible materials. He’s undergone extensive training in the best practices and procedures for creating healthy, aesthetically pleasing and functional smiles, including, but not limited to dental implants. Because when it comes to your oral health and dental aesthetics, you shouldn’t be limited to a single procedure—even one as cutting edge as dental implants.

During your private consultation with Dr. Leopardi, you’ll discuss your aesthetic goals and have a complete oral examination. From there, Dr. Leopardi will apprise you of your options and recommend procedures that will be best for your long term oral health and appearance. Your options may include dental implants, dental veneers, dental bonding, tooth whitening or a combination or two or more of these procedures.

This personalized, one-on-one treatment from an experienced prosthodontist who has successfully restored hundreds of smiles is something you may not receive at a dental implant center. Greenwood Village has been home to Dr. Leopardi’s cosmetic dentistry practice since 1999, and in those years, he’s gained a strong reputation for his outstanding aesthetic results, his personable manner and his artistic vision in creating breathtaking smiles.

When investing in something as important as your smile, it’s worth your time to speak with a recognized expert in the field.

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