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The Dental Implant Center: Dr. Aldo Leopardi Provides Experienced and Expert Care

Your smile needs to last a lifetime. Ensure the best dental care possible by working with a dental implant center that offers expertise and the support you need.

Dental implants have been the most transformative technology in oral surgery over the past two decades. They have given dentists and patients a completely new approach to correcting missing or damaged teeth, one that offers significant advantages over existing methods. With the help of a Denver cosmetic dentist, implants provide:

  • Longer-lasting results. According to the American Dental Association, dental implants have a 95% success rate over 20-or-more years. This is more than double the expectancy for fixed appliances such as dental bridges.
  • Greater flexibility. Patients who choose dental implants get a solution for hard-to-chew foods. The strength and durability of implants allows you to enjoy a variety of meals that would be harder to handle with other options.
  • A natural and attractive smile. With implants, you can restore teeth anywhere in your smile with a natural-looking replacement that works and feels like your own.

When choosing a Denver dental implant center, you should take the time to do research and make sure that the provider offers the right quality. Implants are oral surgery, and any changes you make to your mouth deserve due consideration.

Unfortunately, the growth in popularity of dental implants has meant that dentists who don’t have the right expertise may offer patients the service. The results patients get from these types of dentists are sometimes uneven, unattractive, and unstable.

If you’re going to work with a dental implant center, we recommend choosing one led by a dentist that trained in prosthodontics. This specialty, recognized by the American Dental Association, deals with prosthetic dentistry. Prosthodontists must complete additional years of training to hone their skills and to ensure they have knowledge of best practices.


About Dr. Aldo Leopardi

Dr. Leopardi is a key opinion leader, educator, and experienced surgeon in the area of prosthodontics. He often serves as a main podium speaker on the subject of dental implant therapy at professional conferences, and he has published and taught throughout the world on the subject.

However, Dr. Leopardi’s greatest recognition comes from the patients he serves through his Denver dental implant practice. At the center of his work is a focus on patient safety, aesthetically-pleasing results, and a comfortable experience.

Typically, patients find Dr. Leopardi through referral from their general dentist, though people often come directly to Dr. Leopardi for services. During an initial appointment, he will examine the teeth, discuss options for addressing missing or damaged teeth, and explain the dental implant process.

Over two separate procedures, Dr. Leopardi will place an implant and restore it with an implant crown. By the completion of the procedure, the patient has a brand new smile and teeth that will last for years to come.

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