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Improve Your Smile With A Gum Lift

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If you have dreamed of having a Hollywood smile, there is one cosmetic dental procedure you should consider – a gum lift. This dental procedure can instantly boost your self-esteem and improve your smile by removing excessive gum.

A gum lift may not be the right procedure for everyone, which is why it is so important to understand exactly what this procedure is and what results you can expect. This information will help you determine if this cosmetic dental procedure is right for you, or if you should consult with Dr. Aldo Leopardi to determine if another procedure will get you the results you want and need.

What is a Gum Lift?

Think of a gum lift as the dental version of a face lift. It is designed to help improve the appearance of your teeth by reshaping your gums.

People who wish to have teeth that appear straight and uniform when they smile will often feel self-conscious by their gummy smile. A gum lift works to reshape the gum to allow more of the natural teeth to show.  This evens up the look and boosts self-confidence levels.

What Happens During the Gum Lift Procedure?

Even though a gum lift procedure is a surgical procedure, it isn’t overly invasive. It is usually completed in one office visit.

The procedure starts by administering local anesthesia to the area where the gums will be worked on. Once the area is numb, the procedure will begin.

This is followed by small cuts or incisions to the gum allowing Dr. Leopardi to move the gums up or down, as needed.

What Results Can You Expect from a Gum Lift?

The goal of a gum lift procedure is to improve the appearance of an individual’s smile by reshaping or contouring the gum line. This Cosmetic Dentistry procedure is performed surgically by raising or lowering the gum line, as needed, to create a uniform appearance where the teeth appear straighter.

Results will vary depending upon a number of factors, such as experience level of the specialist dentist, how well you follow aftercare instructions, your dental hygiene and overall health.

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Undergoing a gum lift procedure can dramatically boost your self-confidence levels by improving your smile. If you are considering this procedure, it is best to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and expectations. Dr. Aldo Leopardi will be able to evaluate your situation and determine if this procedure will give you the results you want.

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