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Littleton, Colorado

Littleton, Colorado is a suburb of Denver, Colorado and is a town of about 42,000 people. Littleton’s history dates back to the Pikes Peak Gold Rush of 1859. This gold rush brought not only people seeking gold but the people who knew they could turn a profit selling necessities to the gold seekers: merchants and farmers. Someone else who made his way West during this time was Richard Sullivan Little who was an engineer from New Hampshire. He made the voyage to work on irrigation systems in areas that would need to begin development due to more and more people heading west. Richard, his wife, and neighbors during this time built he Rough and Ready flour mill in 1867. This created the economic basis in which the community of Littleton was formed. The population began to grow fairly rapidly and by 1890,41 years after it was initially inhabited by the gold rush, the population grew to 245 people.

Littleton’s climate and geography make it a winter retreat destination for many people. Sitting at 5,310 feet above sea level, Littleton experiences its fair share of snow. Also, sitting only 9 miles south of Denver allows it to see a large number of tourists year round. Littleton sits on the South Platte River and has close access to many other bodies of water. During the summer months the 80-85 degree average temperature also allows the locals and tourist alike to enjoy many summer activities. This includes going to the Littleton museum, checking out deer creek Canyon Park, going golfing on an award winning golf course, or getting out of the heat and enjoying one of the indoor swimming pools they have to offer.

Littleton is actually assigned to eleven different zip codes. These zip codes cover a large area west, east, and south of the city which incorporates an area much larger than the city of Litteton itself. The following unincorporated communities are included: Roxborough Park, Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Ken Caryl, Colorado, Acres Green, Colorado, Columbine, Colorado, Heritage Hills and Carriage Club Colorado. If you have never visited this area before you’ll love the beautiful green views with the tall, snow-capped mountains beyond. The scenery alone is worth a trip to Littleton.