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Planning Your Tooth Implants

Denver and Greenwood Village Patients

If you are interested in tooth implants in Greenwood Village and Denver, dental professionals can help you decide if they are the right solution for your needs.

Typically, dental implants work for patients who have one or more missing/damaged teeth and are looking for a lasting solution to the problem. However, because implants are a surgical procedure, it’s important for you to get the advice of an trained professional.

Consider working with Dr. Aldo Leopardi for your dental tooth implants. Denver and Greenwood Village patients have trusted him for years to support their most complex cases.

Dr. Leopardi is a trained prosthodontist specializing in all procedures related to dental prosthetics. He is an accomplished speaker and educator who trains dentists throughout the country in the latest techniques for tooth implants. Dentists refer patients to him because of his surgery expertise and high-quality care.


Getting Started

To begin the process, schedule an appointment with Dr. Leopardi’s practice. You may contact our office directly, without the need for a referral, although many patients come to us from the recommendation of their general dentist.

During your time with Dr. Leopardi, you’ll discuss the problems you’ve been having and why you want tooth implants. Patients will have an examination that includes their overall oral health. Dr. Leopardi will then talk with them about their options for restoring their smile.

If you and Dr. Leopardi decide that dental implants are the right approach, he will conduct additional examinations, and you will schedule the first part of the surgery at a later date. Dr. Leopardi will create a strategy for your implants that will ensure strength, a natural-looking appearance, harmony with your existing teeth, and a comfortable fit.


Placing the Dental Tooth Implants

The first procedure patients have is to put the implants in place. These implants are inserted in place of their missing or damaged teeth. After the surgery is complete, patients have time to rest and recover. It takes several months for the implants to gain strength and to become a permanent part of the mouth’s structure.

After that time, patients return for a second dental procedure. Dr. Leopardi will fit the implant with a crown that looks and feels like a natural tooth. He will make slight adjustments and talk with patients about the fit to ensure that it is comfortable and that they are satisfied with the results.


A New Smile

Dental tooth implants can help patients completely change the way that they look and the way that they feel about their appearance. Whether you need a single tooth replaced or full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Leopardi can work with you to achieve your goals.

To explore your options, schedule an appointment today. Call (720) 488-7677.