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Options from Your Cosmetic Dentist | Porcelain Veneers, Dental Implants, and More

If you have concerns about your smile that go beyond maintaining healthy teeth and gums, consider working with an experienced cosmetic dentist.

Littleton-area residents have relied on Dr. Aldo Leopardi for years for help with issues such as gapped and discolored teeth; teeth that have been chipped or worn; and teeth that are out of alignment. Aesthetic dentistry relies on several approaches, including removable dentures, dental implants, and porcelain veneers.

Littleton patients are not always familiar with the treatment that will best address their needs, and so Dr. Leopardi spends time in the initial appointment answering patient questions and providing information about the available options.



When designing a treatment plan, Dr. Leopardi evaluates the state of the patient’s oral health as well as his or her overall health.

Take as an example the use of porcelain veneers. Littleton patients who have teeth that are discolored or chipped may want to remediate these issues by replacing the visible portion of their teeth with a new, attractive surface.

Veneers do not require surgery and they can improve a person’s appearance very quickly. However, if the target tooth is in poor health, porcelain veneers may only cover a serious condition that must be addressed. Dr. Leopardi may instead recommend full coverage crowns.

In another case, such as dental implants, Littleton patients might value the long-term benefits that the procedure offers. On average, implants last longer than alternatives, and they promote good health and bone stability in the areas in which teeth are missing. However, dental implants require surgery, and not all patients have the type of physical fitness required for this type of procedure.

Dr. Leopardi’s first and foremost commitment as a cosmetic dentist is to the wellbeing of his patients. Littleton residents in need of an aesthetic dental procedure should expect nothing less.



For many Littleton patients, the work of a cosmetic dentist provides priceless benefits: increased confidence, greater comfort, and an improved smile. At the same time, Dr. Leopardi understands the importance of an investment in oral health and aesthetics. He is happy to provide patients with details about the cost benefits of each treatment option.

Certain procedures provide greater up-front savings than others.

Procedures, such as dental implants, help Littleton patients realize savings for years to come. While dental bridges or dentures may be cheaper solutions to gaps in one’s mouth, dental implants last longer on average, which means that patients are less likely to have to pay for additional procedures.

By having the right information, patients can make the decision that best suits their needs. Learn more about what Dr. Leopardi can do for you. Call (720) 488-7677.
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