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Complete Implant Borne/Fixed Rehab

Periodontal diseases range from simple gum inflammation to major damage to the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth. Periodontitis and gingivitis are the unfortunate result of plaque being allowed to build up under the gum line, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss. In severe cases, periodontal disease can cause the need to remove all the upper or lower teeth.

When all upper and/or lower teeth have been removed, the rehabilitation treatment will involve three phases. The first is the fitting of an immediate full denture to provide teeth while the gums heal. The second phase involves the placement of implants and bone grafting, where necessary to rebuild lost bone and time to heal. Eight implants are required for the uppers and seven for the lower.

The third and final stage of the restoration is the replacement of the immediate full denture with a complete upper and lower, screw-retained all-ceramic zirconia Prettau Bridge.

The end result is a full set of “permanent” teeth. The implanted bridge will not only enhance your looks, but provide a natural eating surface and will not interfere with your ability to speak.

DenteVita Prosthodontics and the Practice of Dr. Aldo Leopardi work with a number of noted periodontists who refer their cases to Dr. Leopardi for complete implant therapy.  We welcome referrals and direct patient contact. If you’ve been told you have a risk of losing your teeth, please call our office at 720-448-7677 for a consultation appointment.