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Full Mouth Rehab – Combination

Whether the need for full mouth rehabilitation is caused by gum disease or accidental trauma, there comes a time when it is not feasible, or cost-effective, to maintain the teeth.  Immediate complete dentures can be fabricated ahead of time, then delivered and fitted the day the diseased or damaged teeth have been removed.

The immediate dentures will be placed, adjusted and relined with tissue-conditioning materials to improve fit, stability, and comfort.  Following 9-12 months of tissue and bond healing, you have options.  The dentures are either relined with a hard laboratory reline procedure, or new dentures fabricated.  You may also be a candidate for custom implant dentures.

The use of immediate complete dentures means you’ll never be without teeth. However, they require daily cleaning, can become loose and may irritate your gums.  They do serve an aesthetic purpose until you are ready for full fixed dentures or dental implants.  These are more permanent, non-removal solutions that may better serve your lifestyle.

You can learn more about your options and the right procedure for you by calling Dr. Leopardi, Denver Prosthodontist, at 720-488-7677 for a consultation appointment.  We want you to understand the differences and be 100% confident in the options you choose.