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Patient Reviews


— Shari E. (Patient since 2004)
I have been a patient of Dr. Leopardi for 15 years. I had so many problems with my teeth, because of poor care from a general dentist, that it took several years for Dr. Leopardi to complete my treatment. I am so happy with Dr. Leopardi’s care and my beautiful smile, that I will not trust my dental care to any other prosthodontist.

— Young S. (Patient since 2018)
My experience with Dr. Leopard was awesome! He has the best heart!!! I have complete confidence in his ability which really put me at ease. His talent is outstanding and the end result was truly amazing! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent experience.

— Camille R. (Patient since 2018)
Dr. Leopardi is AWESOME! He is the most outstanding Prosthodontist in the world! His expertise and precision in the dental field is unmatched! Dr. Leopardi is way above the rest and he truly cares about serving his patients with extraordinary care and superior results!

— Rich S. (Patient since 2018)
Wonderful office!! Skilled dentist who takes his time! Virtually pain-free and excellent results.

— Rickey B. (Patient since 2018)
He was very thorough and professional. He took time to explain the patient’s situation with no evident pressure.

— Patrice L. (Patient since 2003)
As always, excellent service and care. I really appreciate Dr. Leopardi’s conscientiousness, and his professional staff. I know my dental care is in good hands with Dr. Leopardi.

— Alexandra W. (Patient since 2017)
Always professional and always kind. I feel valued and appreciated while in the office and everybody is really wonderful. My pain level is low when receiving care.

— Peter W. (Patient since 2018)
Best dentist experience I’ve had to date. Dr. Aldo makes you feel like you’re the only patient there and doesn’t rush. The entire time I knew I was in great hands and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the work he did.

— Carolyn A. (Patient since 2017)
Dr Leopardi and his staff go above and beyond any dental office I have ever known! It was such a delight to be shown the courtesy and respect every individual patient deserves. I felt as if I were the only patient in the office (and I know that I wasn’t). I would highly recommend Dr. Leopardi to any of my friends, colleagues and associates! The office is top notch!

— Kathy B. (Patient since 2017)
The entire staff is very helpful, Dr. Leopardi is like no other dental professional I have ever experienced. He is so patient, thorough, and attentive to every aspect of dental issues. I have a very extensive history of dental work and need him to help me find a way to keep my mouth and teeth in a healthy state and move forward to make things better. I have total confidence in this man and would highly recommend him to anyone needing restoration of missing teeth or new appliances.

— Matthew A. (Patient since 2005)
He’s very professional. Very educated. But most likely has compassion for each and every patient. And what a wonderful personality. He’s a very good man.

— Howard B. (Patient since 2003)
“You pay for what you get!” Truer words have never been spoken, especially concerning the absolutely preeminently finest dental care you receive from Dr. Aldo Leopardi. I stupidly and penny wise and pound foolishly opted to go the cheaper dentistry route. Now i am back with Dr. Leopardi because i need him to fix what i have already paid a cheaper dentist to do. “Fools rush in where angels fear to read!” Don’t be foolish! Bite the bullet and have your “choppers” cared for by the BEST (Australian) dentist… Dr Aldo Leopardi!

— Michael S. (Patient since 2017)
I like that he doesn’t sugarcoat anything he tells it like it is that’s hard-to-find nowadays most people want to fill you full of malarkey just so they can take your money that’s not happening at this office

— Lydia B. (Patient since 2017)
I was totally impressed by Dr. Leopardi and your Team. I had extractions and grafting, and everything went like clockwork. Everyone was top notch and handled everything perfectly. I contribute my first 3 days of recuperating with barely any discomfort to the outstanding work everyone has done. I’ve called in a few times to ask for clarification of medication directions. Gabriella has been so patient with my calls and was able to have an answer for me each time I called. Dr. Leopardi, I have come to believe you are not only a Dr., but you are an Artist as well. Since I’ve had within 2 years, an extraction and grafting, I was expecting the same discomfort and the grafting to look bad. I didn’t even attempt to look in my mouth thinking I was going to see a jumble of stiches, swelling, etc. But the next day, I finally looked in my mouth. Oh my gosh. It was perfect. Could barely see the stiches, didn’t look swollen, and I had no bleeding so far. I
was again I pressed with your work. I’m so fortunate Dr. Sievers referred me to you to fix all of my dental problems. Thank you Dr. Leopardi and the Team.

— Jana S. (Patient since 2014)
After a harrowing experience with a number of “Denver’s Best” dentists and prosthodontists who destroyed most of my tooth structure during a needless full mouth reconstruction that almost left me in dentures, unable to eat and with a speech impediment. After 8 years of no solutions, I became desperate and hopeless. Then I found Dr. Aldo Leopardi — the MIRACLE WORKER! Dr. Leopardi performed an examination and immediately diagnosed the numerous problems. He came up with a treatment plan and a solution that work!s! He saved most of my teeth! It was a miracle! He gave me hope and confidence after eight years of having none. Dr. Leopardi is extraordinarily gifted as a prosthodontist. He has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise in his profession that by far surpasses any dentist or prosthodontist. Dr. Leopardi is kind, honest and considerate. His appointments are pain-free and his quality of work is perfect. He listens and addresses your concerns and more importantly, he resolves them and delivers an outstanding end result! Dr. Leopardi surrounds himself with a team of professionals that are A+ on every level. They make you feel welcomed and comfortable. They are always kind and attentive. They make sure your visit is a pleasant experience. I am truly grateful to Dr. Aldo Leopardi! He has saved my lifeI

— Lydia B. (Patient since 2017)
I appreciated the interest and efforts by everyone to make me comfortable as a new patient. Everyone was very professional and pleasant. Dr. Leopardi was definitely professional and pleasant with me. Plus he is very thorough and truly interested in finding a solution to my dental issues and took the time to asses the problem, and discuss all of the options available to me. I felt he was kind and truly interested in creating a solution. He and the staff kept things simple
and comfortable to minimize my stress. And I appreciated how everyone was organized as they walked me through the process. I left the appointment feeling everyone was kind and patient, and wanted to help.

— Brooks B. (Patient since 2015)
Dr Aldo Leopardi and his support team are at the cutting edge of dentistry. I knew that I needed an expert so I did the research to find the best prosthodontist available to me. I am glad that I chose Dr Leopardi. For a little over a year, I have been receiving treatment for my front tooth. Being that it is one of the most visible teeth, it was important that it look perfect. I now have my new tooth and am extremely pleased with the results. Besides the beautiful tooth, it is also the
care that I received during the process for which I am grateful.

— Colette D. (Patient since 2016)
Dr Leopardi and his team of exceptional caregivers are extraordinary. After coming to Dr Leopardi with much concern over some very bad dental work from a previous dentist, my apprehension turned onto hope and comfort. My situation was difficult and with Dr Leopardi’s treatment plan, I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. He is meticulous and very talented. The team he surrounds himself are like minded and amazingly compassionate. Dr Leopardi has created a dream team in the dental industry. I could not go anywhere else.

— Mark G. (Patient since 2002)
The best ever, Aldo is a perfectionist and extremely talented Dentist.

— Tracey Z. (Patient since 2009)
This is the best Dental Office on the planet. Dr. Leopardi and his staff continually demonstrate superior knowledge and outstanding dental work. The results are nothing short of miraculous! In addition Dr. Leopardi and his staff are friendly, sincere and empathetic. The office itself is beautiful and immaculate. They have changed my smile and my life! I will forever be grateful.

— Jillian S. (Patient since 2013)
Alex! Dr. Jeremy! Shelby! Everyone is wonderful all the time. Thank you for fitting us in for a 2nd appt within the same day. Wow.

— Kristy R. (Patient since 2016)
Staff is friendly and compassionate. Alex is lovely to chat with to ease the tension of a dental visit. Dr Leopardi speaks with care and concern for my well being as well as having regard for the overall expense involved. So far, this has been the most positive dental experience I’ve ever had.
Thank you.

— Lee B. (Patient since 2014)
Both my Mother and myself depend on Dr Leopardi to take care of our teeth, and he very job for both of us. In fact, my Mother flies in, from California, to have him look after her teeth.

— Matt G. (Patient since 2014)
I have been a patient of Dr. Leopardi for a year-and-a-half and have had nothing but good experiences during this time. His skills, capable and pleasant staff and high-tech facilities and methods are first rate. If you are looking for the best, look no further.

— John K. (Patient since 2014)
As an engineer, inventor, and curious person, I would love to have a commentary from time to time while Dr. Leopardi is performing procedures on me, what he is doing at that time, and why. Maybe I’m weird…but I love to learn! Thanks.

— Brooks B. (Patient since 2015)
I am just beginning my journey to getting an implant, and I have only been to two appointments. Instantly, I knew I was in good hands. In just these two appointments the attention and care I have received has been amazing. I think Aldo and his staff have gone above and beyond what I expected. Thank you.

— Jack H. (Patient since 2015)
Thank you so much for your awesome care of Jack!

— Lynn P. (Patient since 2015)
Amazing doctor and staff!! Dr. Leopardi is such a perfectionist! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

— Shari E. (Patient since 2002)
Everything is perfect when I see Dr. Leopardi. Always!

— Jean H. (Patient since 2010)
Great dental experience, which is a pleasant surprise. It’s always great at this office.

— Gary J. (Patient since 2014)
The service and personnel are superb! Dr. Leopardi – you and your staff are extremely professional, competent and above all friendly!

— Jillian S. (Patient since 2013)
We so appreciate your professionalism and accommodation the day we had another appointment to get to after seeing Dr. Leopardi for a checkup.

— Diane C. (Patient since 2002)
Charlotte was especially kind and considerate. It was GREATLY appreciated! Onon & Alex were great finding make up to cover up any bruising and very supportive of my procedure. Dr. Leopardi — gentle, kind, and just completely ADORABLE, as always!!!

— Jean H. (Patient since 2010)
This team is first rate. They are qualified, talented, and very customer oriented above and beyond the call of duty.

— Lynn P. (Patient since 2015)
This entire office is over the top professional and courteous with the most expert care imaginable. I would highly recommend them.

— Lee M. (Patient since 2010)
Always the most pleasant experience available in dentistry. That’s why I fly to Denver from LA to visit Aldo!

— Susan V. (Patient since 2013)
I have been seeing Dr. Leopardi for more than a year and have had nothing but great experiences. He and his staff have always been very caring and I’ve never had to worry about anything when I am in the chair. I have been told by several other dentists that Dr. Leopardi is the best!

— Mindee T. (Patient since 2014)
Jeremy was excellent in answering my questions and explaining what he was doing.

— Diane C. (Patient since 2002)
Charlotte went the extra mile to find a specialist who could see me to do a root canal. She is an excellent addition to Dr. Leopardi’s team!

— Lexi A. (Patient since 2015)
Dr. Aldo and his entire staff are friendly and helpful. I always feel welcome, and understand the next steps in my dental care.

— Gary J. (Patient since 2014)
Your complete staff could not have been nicer or more helpful.

— Susan P. (Patient since 2012)
I really liked the dental hygienist today. I’m also excited about my dental program.

— Barbara R. (Patient since 2011)
As you know I am always comfortable when I visit!! Thanks!!

— Carol H. (Patient since 2014)
My first visit went very well, the entire staff was great, and I look forward to Dr. Leopardi’s treatment plan. Thanks!

— Diane C. (Patient since 2002)
Jeremy was especially sensitive to my concerns about doing impressions. He stayed with me and talked me through the 5 minutes which felt like an eternity when you feel like you can’t breath and have anxiety due to past history with inappropriate dental care. Dr. Leopardi’s office is 1st class! From the Receptionist to the Dental Assistant to Dr. Leopardi, you know you are in the “Ritz Carlton of Denistry”.

— Judi V. (Patient since 2002)
The English gal at the front desk is excellent in her job.

— Lori W. (Patient since 2013)
Charlotte was wonderful! Very friendly and welcoming. Great addition to a wonderful staff!

— Erika G. (Patient since 2013)

— Erika G. (Patient since 2013)
By keeping me informed of what you are doing and why alleviates tension and I thank you very much for this.

— Debbie H. (Patient since 2014)
Dr. Leopardi, Anna, and Jeremy were very personable. Alexandria expressed sincere concern for helping me to restore my smile. I was made to feel cared for and they did not cease working until perfection was obtained.

— David P. (Patient since 2013)
Always the best experience.

— Edith W. (Patient since 2003)
I pondered this question, but actually, I’m totally satisfied. The staff is professional and caring. The quality of service is outstanding. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. I guess you’d say, I’m a satisfied client.

— Jessica K. (Patient since 2014)
I was very impressed with the office environment and the fact that the staff had such dazzling smiles. I felt that Dr. Leopardi was eager to understand my long dental history. Perhaps I am easily impressed but I was kind of blown away with all of the photos taken of my mouth. I haven’t had that happen before. Although I didn’t leave knowing about the costs, I am confident that the course of treatment and financial options will be explained at my next visit. A+ experience.

— Justin M. (Patient since 2003)
The team at Dr. Leopardi’s office is top notch.

— Joan T. (Patient since 2014)
I really likes Dr Leopardi and his staff.

— Diane C. (Patient since 2002)
Jeremy was WONDERFUL! I told him I was nervous and may need some calming medicine. He asked questions regarding my anxiety and quickly solved the problem with … salt … of all things! Awesome!

— Mollie O. (Patient since 2013)
I always feel very welcome and comfortable in your office. Everyone is very nice and helpful!

— Patrick M. (Patient since 2013)
I can see no improvements needed,Dr.Leopardis office is dialed in perfectly with every aspect of the visit.The whole staff are very detailed oriented in their jobs at every level.

— Kathie C. (Patient since 2011)
Front staff is friendly. Dr. Leopardi is gentle and professional at all times.

— Pamela F. (Patient since 2013)
I fell like I am in good hands w your staff. Your office is not afraid to look ahead and solve a potential issue with my teeth BEFORE it becomes a chronic problem.

— Bill W. (Patient since 2011)
The office staff is tremendous and very helpful and Dr. Leopardi is extremely professioal, knnowlegeable and creative.

— Beth I. (Patient since 2005)
What can I say, except, ” YOUR THE BEST!!!”

— Barbara R. (Patient since 2011)

— Donald D. (Patient since 2013)
I don’t like spending money any more than the next person, but this office gives me the feeling that when all is said and done, I’ll look better and feel better. From the moment you walk in to when you leave, Dr Leopardi’s team make you feel comfortable and confident that you are in good hands.

— Lane Q. (Patient since 2013)
I was more than happy with our visit…everyone was so nice and helpful with this transition! I’m really looking fwd to seeing the end results!

— Amy F. (Patient since 2010)
fantastic dentist, fantastic hygienist – support staff is lovely plus and the office environment is beautiful…. keeps me coming back!!