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Referring a Patient for a Tooth Implant? Dentists Recommend Dr. Aldo Leopardi

When their patient requires a tooth implant, dentists have a few options. If they are trained dentists with significant experience, they may choose to conduct the planning, cosmetic, and surgical aspects of the procedure themselves. However, given the breadth of procedures that dentists do in addition to dental tooth implants, practitioners often do not have an extensive background in the surgery.

Instead, dentists may refer a patient for a tooth implant. Patients appreciate the chance to have the surgery in a safe, efficient, and effective way, and they continue to use their regular dentist for all of their other procedures.

Dr. Aldo Leopardi works in a way that makes sense for professionals and patients. He can handle the entire dental implant procedure, including planning the surgery, placing the implant, sculpting the crown, and anchoring the new tooth. He can also work in partnership with skilled oral surgeons. Serving in the role of “architect,” Dr. Leopardi helps oral surgeons provide the most attractive, natural-looking, and safe results possible for a tooth implant.


About Dr. Leopardi

Denver dentists refer patients to Aldo Leopardi because of the experience and expertise he offers. Dr. Leopardi is a prosthodontist with an extensive background in rehabilitating oral function, comfort, appearance, and health. Beyond his years of private dental practice, he received his training internationally and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he taught fixed prosthodontics as a clinical assistant professor. Several years later, he became a prosthodontic faculty member at the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM), where he co-directed the fixed prosthodontic program and served as implant residency program supervisor.

Dr. Leopardi is a key opinion leader often featured on podium presentations at major dental conferences. In addition to training sessions and speaking engagements in the United States and abroad, Dr. Leopardi is the founder of the Denver Implant Study Club. This organization serves regional professionals with educational and networking opportunities, bringing nationally-recognized experts to share tooth implant skills with Denver-area practitioners.


Making the Referral

Responsible dentists ensure they are offering their patients the best care possible, and they refer patients when they believe it will lead to a better long-term result. The referral may also be a more effective use of the dentist’s time, since a specialist may be able to complete a procedure more efficiently.

Dr. Leopardi works regularly on a referral basis with area professionals. He provides predictable outcomes and attractive results to the patient. After the tooth implant procedure, Denver patients return for regular and ongoing care from their dentist.


Connecting with Dr. Leopardi

If you are a dentist or an oral surgeon and your patient requires a tooth implant, we encourage you to contact Dr. Leopardi to discuss the case. Together, you can identify the best way to move forward with the procedure. Call (720) 488-7677 to get in touch.