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For High-Quality Tooth Implants, Patients Choose Dr. Aldo Leopardi

Likely, this is your first time considering a tooth implant. Denver patients have the procedure when they are dealing with missing or damaged teeth and they want a long-term, attractive solution. The help of an experienced and knowledgeable oral surgeon can ensure a successful outcome.


About Tooth Implants

Denver patients who are missing teeth face several concerns.

  • Aesthetic: You may be self-conscious about the appearance of your smile, especially if teeth are missing in a noticeable place like the front of the mouth.
  • Comfort: Missing teeth can make it hard for older patients to eat, drink, and enjoy the foods that they like.
  • Medical: When a tooth has been missing long enough, the remaining bone can begin to deteriorate.

Each of these concerns can be addressed with a tooth implant. Denver patients who have the tooth implant procedure replace the tooth root with an implant. After the implant has had time to integrate and strengthen, the prosthodontist anchors an artificial crown on top of the implant in a second procedure.

To ensure that dental implants look and work like natural teeth, a lot of planning has to take place. The surgeon who conducts the procedure must know how to place the implant and crown so that it provides the best cosmetic improvement and comfort. That’s why many dentists and patients work with Dr. Aldo Leopardi.


Dr. Leopardi and Tooth Implants

Denver dentists refer patients to Dr. Leopardi because of his experience in the procedure and his leadership role in the field of prosthodontics. Working with an oral surgery team, he designs the crown; creates a plan for the placement and structure of the artificial root; and guides the overall approach of the surgery. Many patients also choose Dr. Leopardi to conduct the surgical procedure.

Aldo Leopardi has years of advanced schooling and practice. He received his specialist training and master’s degree in combined fixed, removable, and implant prosthodontics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While at UNC and University of Detroit Mercy, he taught fixed prosthodontics, and after 15 years of combined academic and dental practice, he resumed private practice focused on implant, fixed, and removable prosthodontics in Denver.

Dr. Leopardi is a regular speaker at professional conferences on the subject of tooth implants, and he is the founder of the Denver Implant Study Club. This ten-year-old organization is the largest independent group of its kind, providing dental education for practitioners throughout Colorado. Dr. Leopardi’s work through D.I.S.C. raises the standard of care in the dental community.


Working with Dr. Leopardi

If your dentist is recommending dental implants or you are ready to address missing or damaged teeth, consider working with Dr. Leopardi. His experience, specialization, and supportive approach will provide you with the results you need and the care you deserve.

To learn more about tooth implants in Denver, schedule an appointment by calling (720) 488-7677.