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Risks and Benefits of Tooth Whitening

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Aldo Leopardi has been helping patients get whiter, brighter smiles for over a decade. In recent years, at-home and mall kiosk tooth whitening treatments have become increasingly popular. In spite of the convenience of these options, it’s still best to see a professional for tooth whitening—even if you’ve previously used tooth whitening strips or tooth whitening toothpaste. A recent study by the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs highlighted the importance of dentist supervision for all tooth whitening treatments, particularly in regard to safety and long-term oral health.

The ADA study identifies four types of tooth whitening treatments: in-office treatment by a dentist, at-home treatments dispensed by a dentist, over-the-counter tooth whitening and non-dental options. Of these options, the ADA recommends those overseen by a dentist, since unsupervised whitening may mask or overlook underlying oral health problems. An oral exam from a professional dentist is key to ensuring that bleaching is the best course of action for your dental aesthetics and oral health.

The gums and tissue surrounding your teeth are incredibly sensitive—exposure to bleaching agents can cause chemical burns inside your mouth. Over-exposure to tooth whitening agents can also cause over-bleaching and/or increased tooth sensitivity. These risks become higher with higher concentrations of the bleaching agent, meaning it’s even more important for you to consult a dentist prior to using professional-grade tooth whitening products.

When crafting a personalized plan for your tooth whitening, Greenwood Village’s Dr. Leopardi evaluates your dental health and aesthetics to determine the best possible treatment. This may include in-office tooth whitening, a custom-molded tooth whitening tray to use at home and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as bonding or veneers. Dr. Leopardi’s customized approach to tooth whitening ensures that you get a consistent, natural-looking brightness to your teeth without compromising your oral health.

Don’t take risks with your smile—trust your dental aesthetics and oral health to a professional.

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