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Replacing Incisors – Upper Front

Case Study Details

Immediate Implant Placement; Adjacent Anterior Implants; Implant Crowns

Before: History of trauma to the upper central incisors (teeth 8 and 9), resulting in significant treatment (root canal therapy, posts, cores and crowns). Subsequent, recurring infections and fatigue resulting in eventual failure of the roots/crowns.

After: Dental implant tooth replacement therapy with screw-retained (retrievable), porcelain fused to gold crowns supported by two root form titanium dental implants. The implants were placed immediately following tooth removal. Interim tooth replacement involved a removable partial denture (e.g., orthodontic type retainer). Proto-type (transitional) implant crowns where fabricated following 6 months of healing (osseointegration – delayed loading). These proto-type crowns were worn for 12 months to allow for stabilization of bone/gum levels and help shape the gum-profiles prior to construction and delivery of the definitive restorations seen here.

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