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Single Tooth Replacement Makes Sense for a Greater Smile

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If you’re missing one or two teeth, it can change how you function in your daily life. Perhaps you avoid smiling as often, or talk less because you don’t want people to see a missing tooth. This can eventually lead to a withdrawn life. There is a fix to missing teeth, and its single tooth replacement.

Single Tooth Replacement – what is it?

A single tooth replacement allows you to replace damaged or missing teeth, without affecting the health of surrounding or nearby teeth. It allows you to replace one missing tooth, without a need to remove or harm your surrounding healthy teeth.

Single tooth implants can also be used to replace two or three missing teeth. The surrounding teeth do need to be considered healthy for single tooth replacement to be an ideal solution. Single tooth replacement relies solidly on healthy surroundings in your mouth in order to be successful.

How it’s done

Single tooth replacement does require a surgical procedure which can be done in your prosthodontists office. It requires a titanium implant into your lower or upper jawbone. This does require time, to let the implant attach to your jawbone. It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on where the missing tooth is replaced in the jaw, before progressing to the next step. After the implant is attached, an implant crown/tooth will be attached to the implant. The crown will be fitted to your mouth, and used to fill in the gap created by the missing teeth. It will look, feel and function like a real natural tooth in your mouth.

Single tooth implants can be a great solution to a missing tooth. They allow you to keep your existing healthy teeth, and also help to prolong your dental health. The implant helps you to preserve the bone structure in your mouth, and not let it deteriorate. Dental implants can last for up to 25 years, if you maintain proper dental health.

Take Away

You should consider that a single tooth implant is not an immediate fix. It does take time for the implant to attach itself onto your jawbone. Proper attachment ensures the health and longevity of your dental implant and jawbone. It does require a surgical procedure and a longer healing time, but it is a long term solution when compared to conventional treatment options, such as tooth-borne bridges. It protects and assists the overall health of your mouth, all the while fixing a smaller imperfection, such as a missing tooth.

You should visit your local Denver Prosthodontist, to see if single tooth replacement is something you should consider. Prosthodontists have multiple ways to improve your smile. You shouldn’t let one missing tooth change your way of life. Visit Dr. Aldo Leopardi to discuss treatment options for a missing tooth, and get your smile back.

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