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Patient Experiences


When I was finally referred to – and able to visit with – Dr. Aldo Leopardi, I had endured 10 days of extreme jaw pain from not being able to completely close my mouth. This was due to some major problems with the fit of my new dentures that I had just received from my “regular” dentist. Dr. Leopardi took one look at me and knew I was out of control with pain. He worked with me and my dentures for over two hours during that first visit, getting me nearly 100% pain-free before allowing me to leave his office.

The path leading me to Dr. Leopardi started 26 years ago when I got braces at age 29. Due to problems related to my having worn braces late in life, the dentist then removing and reinstalling the braces which forced my teeth to be moved in the opposite direction, I began to lose my teeth – even after having had four major gum surgeries in an attempt to reverse the process. On Easter day 2011, one tooth on the upper right side of my mouth just fell out of my mouth – literally! Bone and all! It was the freakiest and most upsetting thing to have happened to me, even knowing all of my teeth were incredibly loose. Therefore, I went to my regular dentist and he said I had to have dentures or I would be at work one day and my two front teeth would just fall out of my mouth. Imagine my distress at hearing that!

Long story short, because I was under so much duress from realizing my teeth might continue to fall out at any given time, I agreed to have the dentist remove all of my upper and the 4 middle, lower teeth and make me upper dentures and a lower partial. Little did I know my regular dentist was incompetent where dentures were concerned. He removed my teeth after only doing one impression… and his assistant did the actual impression – not my dentist! So when my dentist inserted my upper denture and lower partial after removing my teeth, the fit was atrocious!

The next morning I spent two hours in his dental chair having adjustments made to the denture/partial that were absolutely made too large for my mouth. Comments made by the dentist – and the fact that he kept walking away to work on other patients, leaving his assistant to make the adjustments – made me realize this guy did not know what he was doing! And within 10 minutes of leaving his office, the jaw pain started! I was literally unable to fully close my mouth because of how the dentures/partial fit, yet I refused to go back to this guy for help.

With Dr. Leopardi’s expert ability, he properly fit me with new upper dentures and a lower partial – and he took his time doing so to be assured the fit would be perfect. His patience and knowledge are remarkable; I look and feel like a new person! His office is gorgeous, his staff extremely kind and helpful; you feel like “family” with the group.

I cannot say enough good about Dr. Leopardi. He truly is an expert in his field… one of a kind, actually. I would be more than happy to personally discuss dentures and Dr. Leopardi with anyone who has questions.





I was referred to Dr. Aldo Leopardi by my orthodontist because I needed to get cosmetic dental implants. From the first meeting with Dr. Leopardi, I felt welcomed by the whole team and excited about his emphasis on creating a beautiful and perfect smile for me. Dr. Leopardi is a perfectionist; he worked diligently to create the perfect implant for my mouth. I have other Dentists and oral surgeons comment on my beautiful smile and they can’t even distinguish my dental implants from my real teeth. Many dentists all over the world have learned from the work that Dr. Leopardi has accomplished. He truly is the best of the best. I love everything about my smile and its all due to Dr. Aldo Leopardi’s diligence and refinement. I would recommend Dr. Leopardi to anyone who is looking to have that perfectly gorgeous smile.




My experience with Dr. Aldo Leopardi has been life changing. Due to a bad experience as a child, I became phobic as an adult. I paid the price. I decided to seek help. I did this out of necessity. I must admit, I was skeptical of the process in general. The words professional carried no meaning for me when it came to this profession. Through the years I figured I could attack my own dental issues…except for the occasional dental emergency. WRONG! I had to do this. I had to get help and face my fears. I had to have all of my upper teeth removed, bone grafting and upper tooth restoration. I choose a full upper, fixed porcelain implant fixture. Scared? Sure I was!

I did it! This was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I would rate my case severe. I was experiencing pain and my physical appearance was deteriorating. Time was becoming my enemy. It could only become worse. The fear factor also added the need for extra reassurance LOL… Dr. Leopardi and his staff are expert care givers. They make you feel comfortable and satisfied. Dr. Leopardi is a perfectionist and keeps his education current to date. The atmosphere in the office is inviting. They don’t “try” to make you think you’re number one, you are #1. All of their patients are. I know, I was fortunate to meet some of them at a gathering. We know how special this office is.

My new smile is beautiful!!! I love it! I’m being told by people that know me how much younger I look. My confidence level is through the roof! THANK YOU!!!!!!!



My time as a patient of Dr. Leopardi’s has been one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences of my life. With my Dentists recommendation, I saw Dr. Leopardi in order to find out if there was any hope of saving my smile after the damage done from a worn out, ill fitting bridge that I had for over 20 years. She assured me that if anyone could do it, it would be him. How right she was! After an exam and careful consideration, Dr. Leopardi came up with a comprehensive plan to restore my bridge with implants. With a strong commitment on both our parts and today’s most modern and sophisticated methods, I now have the most beautiful smile and oral health than I ever could have imagined. Dr. Leopardi cares deeply for his patients and he and his office staff are the most professional and supportive individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am forever grateful for having had the pleasure of sharing in their expertise.



Dr. Leopardi has far exceeded any doctor I have seen in all aspects in the medical field. This includes expertise, attention to detail, facilities, and most of all patient relations. Dr. Leopardi combines his expertise and attention to detail to provide the patient with the best possible solution to his or her problem. An example of this is myself; I came to Dr. Leopardi when I was 12 years old. I was missing 20 permanent teeth and I had my orthodontist quit on my case. Dr. Leopardi set me up with a new orthodontist, and also helped plan out my case with the orthodontist, and the implant surgeon. Dr. Leopardi took the time and care to make sure that I was in the best hands here in Denver. Once I had my implants in place Dr. Leopardi took the time to make sure I had the best looking smile possible. Dr. Leopardi would spend 8 hours or more on weekends to work on me. He did this because he knew I wanted to have a full set of teeth and he was willing to work 6 to 7 day weeks in order for me to have a great smile. Dr. Leopardi is also the friendliest and most professional doctor I have ever been around. He actually spends time and listens to all of his patients and gets to know them on a personal level. Dr. Leopardi also has the best office, facilities, and staff. His office has been furnished in order to make the patient as comfortable as possible. It will blow you away every time you set foot in his office and you won’t want to leave, even though he is a dentist. Also, Dr. Leopardi has hired the best staff I’ve ever been around in a doctor’s office. His staff is incredibly friendly and professional. Dr. Leopardi has changed my life for the better and without him my life would be very different. All around Dr. Leopardi is the best doctor I have ever been around. He gave me an incredible smile, great care, and I am able to call him a friend.

– STEWART HANLON, Patient for 11 years

Two and one-half years ago, I was referred by both my endodontist and periodontist to Dr. Aldo Leopardi for a consultation. Having experienced inferior dental work in the past, I didn’t think there was much hope for me. Was I ever in for a surprise! I knew during that first meeting with Dr. Leopardi that I had finally found the best prosthodontist out there that could help me with my challenging case. I immediately began the first phase of the treatment plan, and as each phase is completed, I continue to be amazed at Dr. Leopardi’s standard of excellence, and my expectations are always exceeded! I have never before had such a positive and confident feeling about a relationship with a doctor. Dr. Leopardi’s work stands out for its superb quality, great aesthetics, and phenomenal attention to detail. He is dedicated to the best interests of his patients, and he is a wonderful person. Dr. Leopardi also has a fantastic team. They are competent, friendly, and professional and make my visits so comfortable. If you are looking for the best, state-of-the art dental procedures to restore one or many teeth or replace missing ones, I would highly recommend that you have a consultation with the accomplished Dr. Aldo Leopardi! I am confident that you, like me, will be so glad you did!



Dr. Leopardi and his team are consummate professionals. I met Dr. Leopardi to seek restorative treatment after the devastating experience of being damaged by a general dentist. After several second opinions by prosthodontists, Dr. Leopardi was the obvious choice. Not only did he do a thorough evaluation and treatment plan, but he conveyed sincere concern for the functionality and longevity of my teeth without compromising the aesthetics. Now that I have completed my treatment plan, I can say with the utmost respect that he is the best dental professional I have ever met in my long history of dental work. Dr. Leopardi and every member of his team always made me feel at home and went well above and beyond the call of duty.

Not only have I gained teeth that are functional and I can use with confidence, but I have also gained a friend. Dr. Leopardi has restored my confidence in the dental profession and I recommend him to anyone needing a specialist or second opinion.